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Congratulations again to our birthday Bigfoot for rocking Little River and winning her age group! I think we all had a fun mud run on Saturday. Thanks to Nana for hosting our post-run birthday celebrations.

With less than two weeks to U-Day, this was our last tough weekend. Domo, Kelly, Bea and I road-tripped to the big U yesterday to preview the last 12 (measured at over 13 on Domo’s watch). The first few were deceptively gentle, but then bang! Ay me duele (trans: ‘ouch that hurts’)!

Spring mentoring starts tonight! I am assistant coaching for the Advanced 4, so who is up for joining us for some speed work? This also means that I will be moving/missing Tuesday and Saturday run through April. Sorry, y’all! We’ll sort it out though, once we survive Uwharrie.

Tuesday: undecided – Anyone want to plan one? (I am out)

Thursday: Easwood Lake Loop @ Home Team @ 6:15

Saturday: Anyone up for a 9:15 trail run ?

Sunday: 9am trail run

What did I forget?


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