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Yoda-less Running   Leave a comment

Aloha Soles!

Welcome back to the Sandy Soles on their return from a chilly beach weekend.

I will be out of town (yay!), so no Soles runs for me for the next two weeks! I hope to hear about all the running (mis)adventures when I get back.

Don’t forget to take Rock-n-Roll (aka Soled Sigh) out for birthday next week! We had a great time outside at Milltown last year.

Who’s stepping up to keep the Soles movin’ and groovin’?

may the sounds of strumming ukuleles and swishing grass skirts be with you!

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Running the Ides   Leave a comment

Thanks, R&L, for hosting such a fun Uwharrie celebration! Great food and blazing company.

Runs this week:

Tonight: Campus Run – meet 6:15 behind Armadillo

Thursday: Eastwood Lake Loop @ 6:15
Saturday: 9:30 Lake Loop @ Unity

Sunday: 9:00 AM Briar Chapel

Yoda Note: Anyone willing/able to give me a lift to the airport around 10am next Thursday? I will spring for breakfast at 501 on the way… [getting back on sunday 3/3 around 3pm, too…]

May the ides be with you!

NB: "Idus, Ides—thought to have originally been the day of the full moon, was the 13th day of the months with 29 days, but the 15th day of March, May, July, and October (the months with 31 days)."

Some upcoming races (mostly Christelle’s):
3/17 Tobacco Road @ American Tobacco Trail
3/23 NC Half @ Speedway "Last year, all our half marathon finishers received a huge medal with moving parts and full on LED lights. This year’s medal design is equally impressive! It features a checkered flag design, spinning NC Half logo in the center, and LED lights – definitely fit for the race of a lifetime!"
4/7: MST (mountains to the sea)
4/20: Tar Heel 10, Owls’ roost plus the VacnDash half the same day at 9 pm.
4/28: Myrtle Beach

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Cure for the Post-Uwharrie Blues…   Leave a comment

There have already been a number of eloquent thank-you emails about this weekend, all of which better said than I could! So let me just say ‘DITTO’!

If you gots the post-Uwharrie blues, I gots the cure: A Soles run! An imaginary number of doctors say that running with the Soles two or more times per week is a great cure for any blues! And if you needs more meds, don’t miss the post-U potluck @ Fastball’s Saturday night!!!! Bring yer bling!!!

Next up on the Soles calendar are MST (Mountains to the See Trail) 12 miler run and the Tar Heel 10, both in April. Anything else on anyone’s plate? We’ll get the BRRain trust together soon and knock together a training plan. Thoughts?

Tuesday: Though I’ll be mentorin’, how about a 6:15ish FF run (tho there’ll be parkin’ issues). Who’s in?

Thursday: 6:15 Eastwood Lake Loop anyone?

Sat/Sun trail runs: TBA.

Saturday: Maybe Lake Loop @ 9:30iish?

Sunday: Easy Briar Chapel? 9:30ish?

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