Cure for the Post-Uwharrie Blues…   Leave a comment

There have already been a number of eloquent thank-you emails about this weekend, all of which better said than I could! So let me just say ‘DITTO’!

If you gots the post-Uwharrie blues, I gots the cure: A Soles run! An imaginary number of doctors say that running with the Soles two or more times per week is a great cure for any blues! And if you needs more meds, don’t miss the post-U potluck @ Fastball’s Saturday night!!!! Bring yer bling!!!

Next up on the Soles calendar are MST (Mountains to the See Trail) 12 miler run and the Tar Heel 10, both in April. Anything else on anyone’s plate? We’ll get the BRRain trust together soon and knock together a training plan. Thoughts?

Tuesday: Though I’ll be mentorin’, how about a 6:15ish FF run (tho there’ll be parkin’ issues). Who’s in?

Thursday: 6:15 Eastwood Lake Loop anyone?

Sat/Sun trail runs: TBA.

Saturday: Maybe Lake Loop @ 9:30iish?

Sunday: Easy Briar Chapel? 9:30ish?


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