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A quiet weekend for the Soles, but a gorgeous one for running.

We have 3 more weekends til MST and 6 more til the Tar Heel 10!

Much (well over half) of Briar Chapel is blocked off by construction tape. This includes the Woods Charter loop (even the long bridge is closed) and the section from the empty road to the road in from CITP (Chapel in the Pines). Kelly has worked out some convolutions to get some miles out of Briar Chapel, but it makes sense (to me) to rotate in some other trails for the time being. Supposedly, the trails (that remain) will reopen in April some time (yeah, right!).

We have some decent options left to us for our weekend runs: Johnston Mill (good for a 5 mile loop or more with repeats), Carolina North (Lake Loop or Burn trails offer 4-8 mile loops with lots of switchback), Eno River (technical, hilly and a hike from CHC), Unstead (nice loops, but a trip down 40), Duke Forest (hilly, gravelly 4 mile loop) and New Hope (pretty, technical and out at Jordan Leke).

Mutinies welcome!

Tuesday: 6:15 @ ??? FF or SV?

Thursday: 6:00 @ Community Center. Back on the Bolin Creek Trail with DST!!!!

Saturday: 9:15 @ ???

Sunday: 9:15 @ Duke Forest 4 mile loop (anyone want to go at 8:15 and do 8?)


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