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Tuesday night Sole Sister birthday run   Leave a comment

What a great morning for a run!

Tomorrow is Julie’s birthday, so plan on a Tuesday night pub run. Let’s meet at 6:20 at Open Eye for a 6:30 Gimghoul rum. The 7:30ish at the new brewery across the street. It’s beer only, so bring food.

Don’t forget your night gear! Welcome to October….

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Running Tonight and Morelli update   1 comment

I can’t make a run tonight. Can someone post a run? One thing Nana has asked is that we keep running…

On Kaitlin, I have not posted anything because there has been not been much to post. Between the two clots (pulmonary embolisms) and the recurrence of the effusion, the doctors have not formulated a plan (never mind found a diagnosis). When I hear from Nana, I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Everyone has asked how to help. Nana has asked that the Soles keep running and that we all keep sending the Morellis our good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc. Other than that, there is not much we can do. So let’s turn our impatience into good thoughts and prayers…

May the Force be with the Morellis!

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Med deli tomorrow   Leave a comment

Volume II of our two-part nana-fest will be tomorrow (Tuesday). Meet at open eye at 6:20 for a quick trip to gimghoul. Then off to Med Deli for some gluten free birthday shenanigans!

I’m not in for Thursday if someone wants to put something together.

PS happy birthday today to one super special Sole! Nana, simply put, we love ya!!!

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Saturday @ JM + Tuesday birthday run   Leave a comment

Who’s in for tomorrow’s Johnston Mill Run? W are meeting at 7:50 to run 5 miles at 8. we can see if anyone is up for some coffee afterward.

Monday happens to be a special someone’s birthday. Thought we celebrate Nana every day, let’s plan to all go to Med Deli after the run Tuesday to host some gluten-free pita bread to our favorite riceball!!!!

See you all tomorrow!

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day!   Leave a comment

Who’s in for OBX this year?

Take advantage of this offer today!

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Thursday & Saturday Runs   Leave a comment

I am back in for tomorrow night! Anyone want to run SV from the P&R? Let’s meet at 6:20 to run @ 6:30.

Saturday morning, let’s return to my old favorite, Johnston Mill!!! 7:50 meet, 8am run!!!

who’s in? any mutinis?

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October races: Carrboro 10k (10/5) & Eno River Run (10/26)   1 comment

Who is for these races? I am definitely in for Eno and likely for the 10k

I know that Medoc is this month too.

Carrboro 10K: October 5, 2013, 8:00 a.m.

Eno River Run Saturday October 26th, 2013 11-mile start @ 8:00am; 6-mile start @ 8:30am: Join us for the 2nd annual Eno River Run, a 6- or 11-mile autumn adventure along the trails and through the river at Eno River State Park in Durham. The course features technical single track trail, a river crossing on foot, and a short section of bouldering along rocks near the river. Register now!

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