Running Tonight and Morelli update   1 comment

I can’t make a run tonight. Can someone post a run? One thing Nana has asked is that we keep running…

On Kaitlin, I have not posted anything because there has been not been much to post. Between the two clots (pulmonary embolisms) and the recurrence of the effusion, the doctors have not formulated a plan (never mind found a diagnosis). When I hear from Nana, I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Everyone has asked how to help. Nana has asked that the Soles keep running and that we all keep sending the Morellis our good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc. Other than that, there is not much we can do. So let’s turn our impatience into good thoughts and prayers…

May the Force be with the Morellis!


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  1. Lets met at mcdougle and try doing the 10k route. Met at 6 run 6:15 to try and bet the dark. If it us too early or there are other ideas just let us know. Look forward to it. Julie

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