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Saturday @ Umstead @ 8:30   Leave a comment

Let’s head to Umstead for a wee Saturday trail run/walk @ 8:30. Carpool from my place at 8. Who’s in?

Broken-down Yoda might be on the mend. Triangle Ortho has cleared me for common sense running (whatever that means). Fingers (and toes?) crossed!

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Smiley Success, Birthday Wishes and Tuesday Run (Open Eye 6:15))   1 comment

A huge smiley congrats for checking off NYC from her to-do list!!!

A belated happy birthday to Janet and Nancy (Janet’s sister) who shared their birthday morning with the Soles at Duke Forest on Saturday!

Another birthday shout out to Wiki, who is celebrating her own half (century) today!

Birthday run-ebration tomorrow!! Meet at Open Eye @ 6:15 (WITH NIGHT GEAR) and bring munchies for Steel String afterwards…

Who’s in for tomorrow? See you there!!!

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Blazing Soles Saturday 8AM Lake Loop from Unity   Leave a comment

Due to the rain (which will make Carolina North a muddy swamp), a mutiny has been proposes to move the run to Duke Forest (on Whitfield Rd.) tomorrow at 8:30.

See you there!

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Saturday 8AM Lake Loop from Unity   Leave a comment

Just a reminder for tomorrow’s trail run. 8AM Lake Loop from Unity.

Send good vibes to Smiley in NYC! She will be running the marathon and bringing more smiles to the Big Apple than have been seen there in decades!!!! Bonne Merde, Christelle!

I finally got those toes x-rayed and two are broken (just chipped). They are healing well, but they need a few more weeks. Triangle Ortho told me running is out for 2-3 more weeks and that I should use common sense (what is that stuff?) on other activities. So I will be out walking. Thanks, all, for checking in on me!

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