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May a blazingly happy holidays be with you!!   Leave a comment

It was a great morning for a run! Janet, Jackie, Kelly, Chrislelle, Mindy and I caroled our way through Johnston Mill this morning and then saw Roger and Tracy at Foster’s afterwards!

I will be away until Monday night, but I know there is interest in a Saturday run. Post somethings!

On New Year’s Day, Kelly is doing an 8 hour run at New Hope. Let’s plan to get out there at some point to run with her, cheer her on and maybe do a potluck celebration. Who’s in?

On a more serious note, let me remind all you Soles what a wonderful community you are. I appreciate each and every one of you and all the many gifts you have brought into my life. I wish you all the merriest of holidays filled with the joy of family and friends.

happy holidays,


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Christmas Even Run 8AM @ Johnston Mill   Leave a comment

Who’s up for some holiday hills? Mistletrail running? jingle bear bells?

With the rain lightening and a forecast of sun at 8am tomorrow, I think 4-5 miles on my favorite trials will be a great way to get the holiday started!

If I had a thermos I would bring hot chocolate, but we can all go to Fostoer’s for a warm beverage afterward (it will be open!).

Who’s in?

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