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We just run. Well, we walk too. And crawl a bit. Where’s the finish line?

Who are the Blazing Soles?

Many of us ran with the Next Steps training program out of Fleet Feet Carrboro in 2010 (Thanks, Natalie!). When the program ended, we all wanted to keep running. We compiled an ever-evolving list of email addresses,  migrated to google groups and realized we needed a name. Thanks to Kathy, we became the Blazing Soles. The Trail Goddesses overlap and new members join all the time.

When do you run?

On a good week, we run three or four times a week. On Tuesdays, we do an evening run. On some Thursday evenings, we do a night ‘Firefly’ run on a double-wide trail (usually the Pumpkin at Carolina North) with headlamps. Our longer run is on Saturday mornings.

A goodly portion of us is training for the Blue Ridge Relay, which influences our running schedule, adding speed, hill and tempo work into our weekday runs.

Where do you run?

We run all over Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We have run the Carolina North trails, segments of the American Tobacco Trail, Eastwood Lake, the Botanical Gardens, Al Buehler at Duke, Morgan Creek, Bolin Creek and all over downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hui. We vary routes every week and run both road and trails.

How much do you run? How fast?

Each run usually has a shorter and longer route. On week nights, the shorter run may be four and the longer six or more. On Saturday, the shorter may be four to six and the longer depends on what races are being trained for.

We run slow, slower and less slow. Some of us run/walk (intervals), some just run. Paces run between twelve minute miles and nine with most of us at the slower end.

What races are the Soles planning to run together?

There are alwayw some Soles at Le Tour de Carrboro runs and the Trailheads’ runs (Little River and Philosophers’ Way). We field teams for the Blue Ridge Relay. don’t forget the Konen Race for the Cure and the Triangle VisionWalk!

Ready to run?

Google Groups
Blazing Soles
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email theblazingsoles (a) gmail (.) com

Posted September 20, 2010 by yoda

3 responses to “Blazing FAQ

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  1. Morning, looking to join a running group. Just purchased a home in Durham, moving from Vermont. Will be spending several weeks in Durham as my wife (Holly) and I make the transition from VT to NC. Will be in Durham full time beg. of this year. Mike
    Passion is trail running, speed slow. 🙂 Enjoy an occasional 10k+ road races.

    Michael Lacharite
  2. Met one of your group after our Fleet Feet run at Whole Foods. Looks like a fun group. Would like to join.

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